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The Dog’s Heat Cycle Explained

The Dog’s Heat Cycle Explained

The heat cycle of a dog can be quite difficult to understand. Contrary to other species, the dog heat cycle does not follow any argument such as following specific seasonal or temperature changes. Instead, it is only when it is dead in the summer of winter dogs.
The dog’s heat cycle, sometimes known as the Astroscope, seems quite unpredictable. The first heat is usually about six months in small, medium dogs and about 12-18 months in large breed dogs. However, it is not overlooked in some 30-month-old summer dog breeds.

Steps of dog heat cycle
The cycle is divided into four different steps.
• Proestrus
This occurs when the dog’s reproductive tissues dry up and appear to be pulmonary. A bloody discharge will occur because the female carefully lays herself to keep herself clean. The loss of appetite and irritability is not very unusual. Male dogs may be interested in females but they will not be interested yet. This phase usually lasts for seven to ten days.
• Item
This stage is also known by the breeders as a ‘permanent heat’ because this phase actually happens when the female dog still stands for breeding for the male. The bloody discharge that appears gradually in prostate will be replaced by the discovery of pink or straw color indicating this important step. This phase usually lasts for 4 to 14 days.
• Diestrus
At this stage the sexual intercourse ends, because most women are not interested in men at this point. Although the men can still stay around This step, if the dog has been planted then generally remains till the end of the estrous till the birth of the puppies, so the average of 60 days is average. If the dog has not been unchanged, then the Dinosaur phase will not be different from the anesthesia phase.
This is the longest step of the dog’s summer cycle, in fact it is from 100-150 days. It appears to be a quiet time for the reproductive organs of the dog, however, the pituitary gland of the dog is actually getting ready for the next prostration cycle.
Heat abnormalities
• Split heat
In this case, the heat of the dog is disrupted and then continued later. Actually a female dog will show signs of pro-estrous with common bleeding, but once the astroscope disappears for some time the symptoms disappear.
• Induced Astros
It seems that in some cases, the female presence in the heat can also be seen in the heat cycle along with other women.
• Silent Heats
In this case, the heat is silent, which means that there is no external signal that the heat has occurred.

How often does a dog come in summer?
Most dogs usually go to heat every six months or better say twice in a year. However, Beshenji and Wolf hybrids go only once a year.

So what can a dog be born in the age?
Professional breeders know that dogs should never be born on their first summer cycle. Instead, second or third is much better because the dog is more mature and makes a better mother. Of course, only top breeding quality dogs should be born to reduce the pet on the populatian problem.

Reproductive difficulties

-Peek women
While men do not have any problem in reproduction with the female in summer, women on the other hand can sometimes be selected.
-Multi Sired Puppies
If a female dog is allowed to escape, then he may be born with different men, which are often known as’ multi-tired garbage ‘, where there are different ancestors’ pups.

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