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Commands and Training to Help Stop Dog Barking

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to stop dog barking and can prevent your dog from excessive barking. So let’s get to it :-

Basic Commands and Training To Stop Dog Barking:-Stop Dog Barking



I think it’s important to identify and understand why your dog is barking, you need to see the motivation, My dog case a lot of the reason. He barks when he is at home is because he can see someone outside when he is looking out the window or he can see another dog. So one way to prevent that from happening is obviously to close your blinds, close your curtains and don’t allow your dog to look out and get themselves worked up and get into a barking frenzy.


So yeah identify why your dog is barking and remove that stimulus. Once you’ve removed the stimulus if your dog is still barking.

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The most important thing I’ve learned to do is to ignore your dog and that might seem a little bit strange because you know you want to tell them to be quiet you don’t want to just allow it to happen but if you start showering back of your dog. The dog can perceive that as you barking with them and it can actually be quite counterproductive, so the best way to stop them from barking or make them realize they shouldn’t be barking is just to completely ignore them make them realize they’re not gonna get any attention from barking. So it’s in their interest to stop.


Once your dog does stop barking you need to praise them, obviously, make them realize it is a good thing not to bark, you can do that by giving them a treat, giving them a big cuddle, whatever your dog enjoys or sees as a reward, make sure you do that as soon as they stop barking and they will quickly realize that being quiet is the best thing to be!


For me personally the most effective way to keep Ellen My Dog from barking at least is to make sure he is well stimulated throughout the day, has a long walk and it’s pretty much tired. If your dog is trapped inside the house all day and doesn’t get much exercise then they may actually bark because they’re bored. So for me that is the most effective way to stop my dog from barking, Ellen is thoroughly tired today so he as been very very quiet, point proven.

Now there are other ways that you can teach your dog to be quiet, I’m not a qualified dog trainer. So I don’t want to give out the wrong advice but I know for a fact the Speak and Quiet command is very effective, a lot of people do this by saying speak a few times, two, three times at your dog until it does eventually bark back. Then praise your dog with a treat and eventually it will learn the speak command and will be able to bark on cue, that’s when you teach them the quiet command. So you would tell them to speak let them bark and once they’ve barked a few times then say quiet as soon as your dog stops barking give them the treat and they will soon learn to associate that command with being very quiet.

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