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How to help give birth to your dog

How to help give birth to your dog

What you can do for the help of complications and signs
Sixty days have passed since your dog was born and you feel that the big day has come. Your dam has reported a normal rectal temperature drop of 99.0 or less. He has lost his appetite, looks restless and has started behaving nest; Basically looking for a better place to give birth. You please remind him of a good whaling box, which you have prepared very carefully for the comfort and comfort of his children.

Most births are fortunate to be unknowingly. Nature takes its course and your dams and puppies will probably be cured. Many times no human intervention is necessary, however, it will be helpful to live apart from your dam. Staying with you will be available there for help, she needs help and you will be able to recognize the immediate signs of something wrong. Remember to keep your veterinarian number easy, you need to ask any questions or warn your pet that you are bringing your dog in the form of an emergency.

General distribution signs
There will be involuntary contraction in the dam, which can run for 6 to 12 hours. These contractions can cause your dog to look restless but this is a normal procedure. Later contractions will be stronger, your dog will appear worried and even pants and vomiting can occur. He can also lick his wolf repeatedly. But nothing is worrying, it is still considered normal.

The dam can start from stress or push. Soon, you can show a bag from his vagina. This is a water bag, in some cases the bag is actually broken before it is born. When this happens, a typical brown rice fluid will be secreted.

After breaking the bag of water, the puppy should follow. Most pups are born in a diving position. The deep green fluid can be passed after the pup out of the birth canal.

At this point, the mother will take care of cleaning, she will remove the fetal membrane and remove the secretion from the nose and mouth of the pupil so that the puppy can breathe freely.

Finally, the navel’s cord is cut off.

The dam can now remove the placenta. This happens after the birth of each puppy. Some dams can enter the placenta. To remove any evidence of birth, it is an old instinct that can attract predators.
The next puppy should usually be visible 2 hours after 15 minutes. You should first see the signal before starting again within 5-30 minutes of the pup.

Once completed, the dam can display a bloody or deep green discharge for the first few days of birth.

Uncommon distribution signals
There are several indications that can signal trouble. A puppy is too big or it is transferred incorrectly, like the first rump A mother may also have a narrow birth canal, a tumor or a fractured pelvis which makes delivery difficult.

If you have a dog, call your veterinarian:
• Active tension can be an indication of this kind of problem for approximately 30-60 minutes without a puppy. There may be a veterinary need to correct the condition or to c-section. ‘
• Avoiding the production of puppies within one hour, you still know that inside the inside of suggesting uterine inertia is more.
• Busting a bleeding or bloody vaginal discharge; hemorrhage or uterine rupture
• Exposing a dark green fluid before the first puppy suggests prenatal isolation separation
• Performance of muscle weakness, shiver, spam, muscular stiffness or tour of Eclassia
• Shock, yellow gums, indicative of severe stomach pain, suggestion of uterine Torson fall in temperature

Most births go very smoothly. Many times the owner is worried about being worried about his dog, who keeps awake for the morning, only to cure his mother with newborn puppies. Usually it is best not to interfere, so allow pups and mother to bind together. However, in cases where the mother is struggling, there will be no problem with a little help.

Getting prepared and knowing which problem is facing, is going half way through the process, the rest has been left in your dam and the miracle of the birth provided by nature.

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