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Everything about dog pregnancy

Everything about dog pregnancy


Your beloved dog has been matched with a beautiful enrichment and is successfully born, 63-day countdown starts. Putting a mixture of emotions on you, of course: lots of excitement, but also worry, because this is the first time you expect a puppy’s puppy. It is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed for the first time, but take deep breaths and Rila, X. Because things will go very smoothly and nature will take their course.

There are some things, however, as an owner you should be aware of. The information below will help you reach the full 63 days without worry.

Has the countdown started?
First of all, even if your dog was in heat and was born many times, there is still a chance that she can not get pregnant. And some dogs are prone to “phantom pregnancy”.

As you already know, there are special fertile days to watch when fertility schedules. If your bitch was born during its estrous phase, and you saw a “tie” where male enrichment and your female bitch had been connected for some time, then the chances are too much that the pups are on their way.

A look at the heat cycle
Here is an explanation of the heat cycle, so if you were having your dog at the right time, then you can better evaluate.

The heat cycle is average of approximately 21 days and it is divided into three steps.

The first step, “pro-estrous” lasts for approximately 7 to 10 days. You will be aware of this stage because it occurs when vaginal bleeding and vaginal swelling occur. If the male dogs are around during this phase, they would be interested in bitch, but she will be reluctant and refuse to be a horseman.

The second step is the “estrous phase” fertile phase, which lasted for approximately 4-13 days. This happens when the female is fertile. Blood is flowing and replaced by a yellow colon discharge. During this phase, she will be more tolerant of men, and will keep her tail on the side. He will allow the male to mount. If you see “tie” where they both get stuck together for a while, then the pups are on the way.

The third and final stage, “Dieseras” is a time when the female will be reluctant to partner again because she is no longer fertile. Men, though, can still try to mount.

That is why the estrous phase is the important step, the time you will search if you want to breed successfully. Although it usually begins between the 7th and the 10th day of the hemorrhage, but there is actually no exact way to choose the best time for the breed. This is the reason that some professional breeders have their dog hormones, which are examined by a veterinarian to improve the fertility of the most fertile days, although it is not enough to guarantee pregnancy.

Early pregnancy signs: Third week
During the third weekend and the beginning of the fourth, some bits will develop the symptoms of normal morning sickness (nausea, lack of appetite), like humans do. Disease this morning may be rarely detectable in some dogs and can be pronounced in others.
Test for pregnancy

You can use a kit to perform a test for hormone relaxin (a substance produced during pregnancy). This test can detect pregnancy in the first 21-25 days, after 20 days of the luteinizing hormone. The kit is particularly good for breeders, because there are five tests in the kit, and it is also very good for separating actual pregnancy from pseudo-pregnancy. Results are fast; It takes only 10 minutes. The kit may be available online.

For testing, you need a blood sample from your dog, which can be challenging for some owners, and it requires centrifuge to separate the plasma for testing. You can ask a veterinarian to attract the blood and spin it for yourself, for a small fee, and can finish the test yourself. Or you can fully test in the veterinary office.

A veterinarian can hear the heartbeat of the puppy with a stethoscope after 25 days of reproduction, and after 28 days of reproduction, your dog may feel embryo overturning the stomach. However, an ultrasound is another accurate test and can also determine how many broods your baby is expecting. An X-ray can show the skeleton of the puppy after 45 days of reproduction.
Considering the change in diet

Once your doctor has confirmed pregnancy, make sure to mention the diet to your veterinarian. After 35 days of reproduction, your dog should be fed more often with a more nutritious balanced diet. Your veterinarian may recommend special diet and supplements.
Early signs: five weeks

Typically, external signals before pregnancy show approximately five weeks after reproduction. They include slightly larger and deep nipples. It is always a good idea to take pictures of nipples right after the reproduction, so you can compare color and size in five weeks. Apart from this you can see some light weight increase, especially if you expect a large litter.

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