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Dog pregnancy test

Dog pregnancy test

Determine whether your dog is pregnant or not, especially for new owners or inexperienced breeder can be challenging. While trying to count the obstacles many things should be considered. Most likely, if your dog was at the most fertile time of his summer (estrase) and if a tie was seen with a man then he was very pregnant. However, it is also true that many things may be wrong and there may be false pregnancy when it looks like a pregnancy.

The estrous phase is the important step when the dog should meet with pregnancy prospects. This usually occurs between the 7th and the 10th day of the hemorrhage. This is the time when you might be hoping your dog is pregnant.

Dogs can be difficult to detect early pregnancy symptoms, especially by an inexperienced owner. Some dogs may be slightly unpleasant in the first weeks, as women have morning sickness. The dog goes through all the hormonal changes as there is a slight decrease in activity. Nipple growth is also an early sign, nipple will look a bit bigger.

Your veterinarian can reverse your dog’s stomach at the beginning of 28 days of reproduction. However, an ultrasound can be a more accurate test, in fact this test can also help in determining how many puppies your baby is expecting. However, nowadays a comfortable pregnancy test may be available to those owners, eager to ascertain whether a dog is pregnant or not. This test can be done after 20-21 days of luteinising hormonal growth. This means that if you want to get more reliable results and do not want to waste your money, then the dog should wait at least 3 weeks to stop the heat cycle before using this test.

Easy dog ​​pregancy test
How To Use Pregnancy Testing for Dogs
Your dog needs blood sample for testing and it can be challenging for some owners. You have to be centrifuge for plasma alone, because plasma needs to be tested. If this is not an option, then you can take care of this part for a small fee for yourself because he has the right equipment for you to spread blood. They can pull both blood and if you want you can spread it for you. Once the plasma is received you can complete the test yourself.

This kit is particularly good for breeders because there are 5 tests in the kit. This test is also great for distinguishing real pregnancy from pseudo pregnancy or false pregnancy. Results are fast, it takes only 10 minutes.

The kit is available online for those who want to test at home, but if you do not have the equipment then you can fully test in the veterinary office. Unfortunately, urine testing has not been invented for detecting pregnancy in dogs and pregnancy test will not be used for humans.

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