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Dog Pregnancy Calendar & Signs of Labour in Dogs

Dog Pregnancy Calendar & Signs of Labour in Dogs:-


Dog Pregnancy Calendar; A pregnant dog goes on day 63 in the delivery, when her appetite decreases, she begins a littering behavior and her temperature drops below 100 degrees. Recognize the signs of a dog in labor, make sure you guard the birth and pay attention to complications, with health information from a veterinarian in this free about pet care.

Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Today we’re going to talk about how to know if your pregnant dog is going into labor. Typically what you’ll see is your dog may have a decreased appetite or stop eating all together about a day before she is going to give birth.

Dog Pregnancy Calendar

Her temperature is something that you can monitor at home. You want to keep in mind that the average pregnancy in dogs is about sixty three days, and so, if you’re at about the two month mark, you can start to take her temperature rectally.

If her temperature drops below a hundred degrees, and if you see her licking under her tail, going into a small room or a closet, hiding, nesting, that may be signs that she’s about to give birth to her first puppy in approximately one to two hours.

Your dog may start to strain, and you may see something like a fluid or a liquid come out, which is called the placenta, or afterbirth.

Sometimes you’ll see the afterbirth before the puppy. And if you see that, and you don’t see a puppy within a couple hours, you definitely want to take your your dog into the veterinarian.

There can be complications with pregnancy, which would require a c-section. Those complications could be that your puppy is breech, or not coming out head or front leg first, which is normal.

Or that you may have one of the dog breeds that are Pre-disposed to having c-sections, such as Bulldogs, Shih-Tzus, and other large headed dogs.

Other things that you can do for your pregnant dog is to just insure that she is removing the afterbirth, or the placenta, from the puppies. And she will do that by licking the sac around each puppy.

If she doesn’t do that, you’ll want to make sure that you do remove that for each puppy.

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