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Dog Behavior Training – Dog Aggression Toward Its Owners

Dog Behavior Training – Dog Aggression Toward Its Owners

A dog who grows and / or bites his master, does this for some reason, even if the behavior appears to be “unfair” to the owner. If your dog shows offensive behavior towards you, it is important to know that for the safety and welfare of your family and your dog, it is important that as soon as possible.

Call your doctor immediately and set an appointment for a full medical examination. Talk about testing your hormonal balance, neurophysiological functions and allergies with your dog. Exam results can tell the underlying cause. This has been especially helpful in dogs, which have mood swings.

Scandal for behavior, such as chewing, jumping, general unhealthiness, or more conservation of food, has arisen due to growing or biting as a result of penalties, should be dealt with quickly and firmly to correct the aggression that started these problems. .

As the dog owner, you should understand that as a result of defensive feelings your dog grows or bites you. Even the dog who rises on order from the couch, is also giving defensive reactions, because it seems that its position of dominance is threatened.

If scolding and convulsion provoke aggression, then your dog is responding to an estimated threat to its physical safety. In any of these situations, your own threatening behavior can lead to negative consequences.

If the results of a medical examination do not show signs of a medical condition that will cause this behavior, then you have to closely examine your behavior to determine what you are doing to threaten your dog.


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