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Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms?

Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms?


The heartbeat of the dog is a common disease among dogs in the United States. Detected in 1856, the worms live mainly in the heart of your dog and in the major blood vessels.

Insects, especially on the worst cases, severely damaged the operation of the heart. Even worse, they could snatch your dog’s blood vessels too. As a result of these infections, body weight loss, chronic cough, shortness of breath, chronic heart failure, disturbances in sight, and finally, death.

Since the symptoms of heart beat disease are different between dogs, it would be best if a veterinarian examines your dog to evaluate the final analysis. Most dogs are visible only when the disease has reached that point where it will be almost impossible to cure. To help you see the initial symptoms and hopefully to save your dog, check out these signs:

– Dogs which are quite active are usually tired easily.

– Dogs that were otherwise healthy were usually used to gas for breath.

Your dog’s cough has suddenly become a common occurrence.

Dogs born for hunting can no longer follow fast and usually fall from exhaustion.

In some rare instances, the dog has impulse, jaundice and problems in sight.

– Before the person dies, the dog experiences eagerness. Often before death.

Who gets infected with heartbeat infection?

Before this, it was thought that due to the high difficulty of mosquitoes (who bring insects) to enter through the hair of dogs, only long-haired dogs were more resistant to heart beat. Since then, it has been proven that this was not true. Mosquitoes are also difficult to roam through small-haired dogs. In fact, the mosquitoes feed on the dog’s stomach area. This is the reason that both long hairy and short-haired dogs are susceptible to infection because there are both types of short hair in this area. Some mosquitoes are also fed on the muzzle area or ears, where the dog’s hair is very dirty.

Can heartbeat infection be treated?

Heartwarm infection can be treated through chemotherapy if initial diagnosis. Most chemical treatments kill insects during some time. It is not better to kill all the insects in a herd: If only one heart beat every heartbeat, then the dead body will be stored in the lungs and kill the dog.

Also remember that the chemicals used in the treatment of worms are also dangerous for your dog as insects. This is the reason that the use of chemical medicine should be treated with extreme care and should be handled by a veterinarian.

There are also cases where surgery is required. In most cases, this can be a viable option. Consult a veterinarian with any other method that corrects or corrects infection.

There are also medicines that prevent cold from your heart beating your dog. These medicines attack parasites in their early stages and later prevent adults from being completely blown away. This does not mean that your dog will be free from infection. This means that dogs may still be infected during mosquito season and still have to be left idle by heartbeat.

On the other hand, preventive medicine can cause serious complications due to the use of medicines if your dog is already being severely infected at a higher level. This is the reason that the use of drugs should be in the supervision of veterinarians. Taking drugs is also associated with regular blood texts. It has proved to be very effective in saving many dogs with heartbeat infection.

To prevent your dog from heartbeat infection, save your pet from mosquito bites, especially if there is high mosquito population or mosquito weather in your area. To avoid repeated bites, you would like to have your dogs sleep quarters screened. Resistant spray can also be used, but they have only limited effect.

You may also want to consult your veterinarian for preventive medicine. In addition, you want to regularly test your dog on a blood test to assess the initial symptoms of infection. It is quite difficult, especially the symptoms of heartbeat infection can not be seen immediately.

In essence, your pet dog may be the earliest symptom of a healthy heartbeat infection. It would be best that you checked. There is nothing wrong with doing this, especially if it is for your pet dog.

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