Everything about dog pregnancy

Everything about dog pregnancy   Your beloved dog has been matched with a beautiful enrichment and is successfully born, 63-day countdown starts. Putting a mixture of emotions on you, of course: lots of excitement, but also worry, because this is the first time you expect a puppy’s puppy. It is …

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Dog pregnancy test

Dog pregnancy test Determine whether your dog is pregnant or not, especially for new owners or inexperienced breeder can be challenging. While trying to count the obstacles many things should be considered. Most likely, if your dog was at the most fertile time of his summer (estrase) and if a …

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The Dog’s Heat Cycle Explained

The Dog’s Heat Cycle Explained The heat cycle of a dog can be quite difficult to understand. Contrary to other species, the dog heat cycle does not follow any argument such as following specific seasonal or temperature changes. Instead, it is only when it is dead in the summer of …

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American Bulldogs Natural Protectors | Dog Care Center

American Bulldogs Natural Protectors:- The American Bulldogs is an excellent guardian as well as the athletic breed of dogs. Despite its natural abilities, the American Bulldog is a non-conventional sport protection breed. I’m Kraig Guay from Maximum Power Kennels. We breed working American Bulldogs standard to hybrid standards. So, for …

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