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How to Care for Newborn Puppies! Tips and Advice

How to Care for Newborn Puppies! Tips and Advice:-

Today i am going to be talk about how to care for newborn puppies. So during the first few weeks of life for a puppy, the most important thing to them is being fed, keeping warm and also developing their social skills as well. So firstly we’re going to be talking about feeding for your newborn puppies.


Newborn Puppies


So a mother’s dog milk provide everything that the puppies need for their first four weeks of life and puppies will be fed once every two hours within their first week and obviously as the puppies grow these intervals of feeding will obviously get longer and larger meaning that they won’t be fed as often but still obviously when they’re puppies they do get fed quite a lot. Obviously there might be different circumstances whether your puppies are orphaned or if the mother of the puppies are completely out of the picture, if this is the case definitely consult your vet for any guidance that they may need because obviously the puppies needs to be getting as much nutrients as they can get, and it’s also important to note that you can actually harm the puppies if you do try to feed them.

So make sure you’re consulting your vet to find out the exact proper way on how you should be doing this because it is very very easy to harm them at that stage, and they can usually make this transition from nursing to solid food after four weeks of life, so now we’ve moved on from feeding we can now move back on to the dogs keeping warm.

So the combination of their mothers body heat, their mother’s milk and also using blankets where they sleep, this combination should be enough to keep your puppies warm.

Newborn Puppies milk

However if you do feel that the puppies aren’t warm enough, make sure you are using a hot water bottle filled with warm water not really really hot, just warm water or a heating pad set to a low temperature to keep the puppies warm, because obviously puppies at that age can develop hypothermia extremely quick and extremely easily.

So it’s important to keep them warm so moving on from feeding your dogs and also keeping your puppies warm, it’s also important for your dogs to develop the social skills within your house, now during the first two weeks of your puppy’s life, try to keep the handling of the puppies to a minimum, you want the puppies to be developing that relationship with their mother and also with their brothers and sisters as well you may notice that the mother will keep a very very strong eye on the puppies so it’s important to let them develop this relationship and to bond properly, as well as creating that relationship with the mother, they also need to create that relationship with their brothers and sisters as well.

So letting them have their own space, their own time is extremely key at this time of their life now moving on to vet visits, now I’m assuming that your puppies are healthy, vets don’t recommend bringing the puppies in until they’re about six weeks old, obviously if your puppies are showing any signs of not being healthy or having issues, do take them into the vet as soon as possible. Some signs that you should look out for with your puppies are a lack of appetite, poor weight gain and also vomiting as well, you should also look out for diarrhea, coughing or wheezing and also difficulty breathing as well as constant crying, pale gums, obviously if one of your puppies is acting a bit strange or not like the other puppies, it may be important to ask for some guidance from a vet or have a look online for what this may mean.

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