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I’m a German particle physicist and human physician. I’m founder and member of the board of a NGO, providing smokeless cooking stoves for the people in Nepal, Kenya and Ethiopia.
Some years ago I met Andrea in Kathmandu and learned about her engagement for suffering street dogs. Observing her work for several years I was more and more convinced about her amazing work.
As a human physician I’m supporting the idea of One Health Concept. That means you have always to consider humans, animals and environment. Treating humans without treating the animals in their close environment doesn’t make sense. I ask for teamwork between supporters of people welfare and animal welfare. Therefore I’m very happy to support this great project.
I volunteer to be a long-term supporter of Street Dog Care and to coach and consult the project as a member of the SDC Advisory group. I am also Founder of Animal Support group that helps to find volunteers for SDC. If you are interested in volunteering contact me at: volunteer@dogstarsanctuary.orgs